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We are the hi-fi installation sales and installation specialists.

Unique Home Theatre Services Unique Home Theatre offers an installation service for all types of hi-fi. We are experienced in all kinds of audio set up problems, including wall mounting, tune and set up, antenna installation (depending on geography and the needs of the tuner.

It's really difficult to get a good quality hi-fi installation done properly because of the variances in sound reflection created by the equipment to be installed. A thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the hi-fi equipment to be installed is essential. We use a range of technicians and subcontractors who have different specialties we use depending on the requirements of the installation

At The Home Theatre Guy - Hi-Fi Systems Kuitpo SA, we continuously work have to upgrade our knowledge of both equipment and installation techniques to stay in front of the fast moving changes in technology.

There are a bewildering number of new products every year, all of which are useful for some hi-fi applications but they are all best suited in different environments.

Speakers take the electrical signal from your amplifier and convert it into sound power, so it's clear they play a critical role. At The Home Theatre Guy - Hi-Fi Systems Kuitpo SA we understand that contrary to popular perception, good speakers are not crafted like musical instruments, quite the opposite. You want to hear the music, not the speaker! A good speaker doesn't care what kind of music or movies you like either. Make sure your choice sounds good at low volume as well as high, and in the distance as well as near. Our experienced team at The Home Theatre Guy - Hi-Fi Systems Kuitpo SA, if need be, can advise you on a range of speakers, amplifiers and hi-fii systems to suit your budget.

Our main goal is to match the needs and preferences of our clients to their house, so their new hi-fi System performs beyond your expectations.

The Home Theatre Guy - Hi-Fi Systems Kuitpo SA offer a variety of audio and hi-fi products from low budget to top of the range hi-fi products that will suit the most sophisticated of audiophiles.

Our experience is not limited to domestic hi-fi systems, we can cater for the most technical of applications for retail, commercial or industrial audio applications.

Our Services Include:

Quality audio or hi-fi equipment represents an investment in the quality of your enjoyment, you?ll spend hundreds of hours listening to and looking at your purchase so you?ll want it to be the best it can be, give us a call The Home Theatre Guy - Hi-Fi Systems Kuitpo SA. We're seriously passionate about good hi-fi.

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Unique Home Theatre Services

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